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Nick Banner is coming June 2008 from Awe-Struck Books...
Zeke Slater is coming in September 2008...

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Who is Carole Ann Lee?

"Being both fascinated with futuristic space travel as well as the romance of the tall sailing ships of the 1800s, I have tried to combine both worlds in Banner's Bonus as well as in my sequel, Solar Wind. My goal has been to create a futuristic romance with the feel of a high seas adventure."

Carole Ann Lee is a native of Oregon. Along with their two children, David and Shauna, she resides with her own special hero who shares her crazy sense of humor and love for animals. Extended family members include Jumper, their 20-year old cat. Their newest member, a German Shepherd puppy named Hunter, and Nacoma, their daughter's medicine hat paint horse who is just as much a part of the family and just as spoiled as the other pets.

Having always been fascinated by the thought of space travel, yet equally captivated by the romance of the tall sailing ships, Carole Ann's goal has been to integrate the two worlds in a futuristic romance that sizzles with both high tech as well as the swashbuckling intensity of a high seas adventure.


Carole Ann Lee's books...

Carole Ann began writing on a lark in the early nineties. In 1994, at a writer's conference she had the privilege of meeting and submitting BANNER'S BONUS to a New York editor. The results were positive when he expressed a serious interest and asked for the entire manuscript. Eleven months later, BANNER'S BONUS was on the shelves.

Both BANNER'S BONUS and SOLAR WIND have won awards in national writing contests. To name a few: In 1997 BANNER'S BONUS placed 2nd as an "already published work" in RWA's "Heart of The West" contest. In that same contest SOLAR WIND also placed 2nd as "unpublished work by a published author". See Awards

Also in 1997 SOLAR WIND was entered into RWA's "On The Far Side" contest where it took First Place.

After going out of print, and having been released from contracts, both BANNER'S BONUS and SOLAR WIND have been picked up by Awe-Struck Ebooks, Inc. and will be out this year. Nick Banner will make his return in June 2008, while Zeke will follow shortly after in September...   


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Banner's Bonus is coming Soon from Awe-Struck Ebooks.
Look for it in June 2008 from Awe-Struck EBooks.

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