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Naomi — Fallen Angel Reviews

“Banner’s Bonus totally blew me away! I absolutely loved every page. It leaves you breathless, thoroughly shaken, laughing, and in love with its hero. It is a fast paced adventure, taking readers on the ride of their life. Be prepared for some fairly intense emotions. The sexual tension is clear and the air steams with the unresolved issue. This resolution is an essential part of the plot and character development, and is another tactic that this author uses to put the reader at ease…the blows their socks off! Her prose is quite fast flowing and unique; almost poetic at times. Nick grabbed me right from the first chapter, and in the conclusion, this reader was sincerely touched by his evolution. Amazingly, this author turns a perfect man into a knight in shining armour. This is a must-have for fans of Sci-Fi Futuristic Romance. Definitely a 5 Angels keeper!”

Susie Housley — My Shelf Reviews

Customer reviews“BANNER’S BONUS is the substance that will make futuristic romance fans out of any reader unfamiliar with the gene. Carole Anne Lee is an expert writer who creates a masterpiece whenever she types her first word. This book is an exceptional of a high-class romance! What a pleasure it is when I finish a memorable book. Bravo! Very Highly Recommended.”

Rosalie More — Author of Honor Among Thieves

“If you enjoy dangerous, high-paced action with your sizzling romance, you’ll love BANNER’S BONUS. This gripping tale features a swashbuckling hero who must defend his space ship and his woman from pirates. These larger-than-life characters will stay with you long after you finish the book, grumbling because it ended too soon.”

Jacki Leach — B. Dalton Booksellers, Inc.

“It is a rare book that makes a reader care about it’s characters, and ‘Banner’s Bonus’ Nick and Tressa fits the bill! Sure to be a ‘romance classic’, ‘Banner’s…’ is set in the future, yet brings to mind sailing ships, pirates and open water. Tenderness, well-written love scenes, and strong family ties make ‘Banner’s Bonus’ a read well above the ordinary in the futuristic romance genre. This reviewer would give it ten stars!”

Patti Fischer — Romance Reviews Today

“Definitely a page turner, BANNER’S BONUS is fast paced and action-packed and guaranteed to keep readers enthralled…Carole Ann Lee has penned an exciting and enjoyable futuristic romance, with a nice storyline that is sure to please any romance reader, as it could happen between two people who live in any time, past, present or future. The interaction and storytelling in BANNER’S BONUS make it a book worth reading for everyone.”

Reviewer — Leanne Foster

“I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! Fast Paced! Action packed! An alpha hero to die for. THIS STORY WAS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! The action scenes were so well written, I felt as though I was right there. Details were not left out because this author remembers to include the five senses when she writes.

10 Stars Review Centre

“Carole Ann Lee’s Banner’s Bonus is a wonderful read with Characters you can’t help but love. The chemistry and sexual tension, the fast paced action…it all makes for a story you won’t want to see come to and end. I can hardly wait for Solar Wind to come out next. And then… hopefully each of Banner’s brothers will have a story of their own.”

Reviewer — Frost — Dark Angel Reviews

“Author Carole Ann Lee has a gift for writing science fiction in a realistic and believable manner. The future and space travel come alive. Readers will delight in the constantly escalating tension between the two protagonists, Nick and Tressa, both of whom are strong-minded and independent individuals determined to follow their own respective paths. Adventure, danger, and excitement keep readers turning pages eagerly. BANNER’S BONUS is a good introduction to the work of a fine writer of science fiction and will encourage readers to also pick up the next volume, SOLAR WIND, which shares a universe and some main characters with BANNER’S BONUS.”

Reviewer — Chamomile — The Long and the Short of It

“Banner’s Bonus is a rousing adventure that delves into power, corruption, redemption and fear as well as the strength of the human spirit. I was drawn into the story’s energy from the very first page. Tressa is the perfect balance of confident woman and naïve little girl, with a little soft-heartedness and fierce warrior mixed in to make her complicated yet adorable. Nick is a buff, brawny, rogue type with bulging muscles and battle scars, both to his body and his heart. In my opinion, he’s the quintessential hero — he is drop dead gorgeous, but becomes a shameless playboy after a bitter heartbreak in his youth. It does contain some violence but it is very well written. I winced in compassion as I read both the physical and mental affects of the many blows the recipient sustains during an intense scene. I enjoyed the complexity of the plot which includes many thrilling challenges for them to meet and overcome. The love story between Tressa and Nick is tantalizingly slow to mature but definitely worth the wait.”

Janie Franz —

“In Banner’s Bonus, as with Solar Wind, I found Banner’s family to be one of the most interesting parts of the story. Here, Zeke Slater enters the picture as trusted friend and pseudo-brother. This is great space opera adventure with enough romance to have readers fanning themselves.”

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